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The NutriBullet- What Is It?

The NutriBullet System very simply is the finest product available for making nutritious and healthy drinks that will enable you to increase your life span, promote, younger-looking and healthy skin, relieve joint paint, lose weight as well as prevent and fight disease.

The exclusive extractor technology that NutriBullet comes with is the real secret. It consists of a 600 watt cyclonic action motor that has patented extractor blades. The extractor technology breaks fruit and vegetables down and then pulverizes the skins, seeds and stems which contain a majority of the essential nutrients. Blenders and juicers don’t do this. In addition, by using the NutriBullet, so many customers have seen their health significantly improve within one week of starting to use it. Blenders make smoothies and juicers make juice. However, supercharged NutriBlasts are made by the NutriBullet. All you need to do is drink one NutriBlast per day, and your body will be provided with all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs for effectively preventing and fighting off harmful diseases.

How Can The NutriBullent Enhance Your Life?

Consuming extracted foods benefits everyone, no matter what state their health is in- from individuals suffering from fibromyalgia to top performing athletes. The reason for this is because extracted foods are practically predigested. This makes it easy for your body to easily absorb and then utilize the food’s nutrition. Even when we consume salads and other healthy foods, the body has to work very hard to break down the salad and prepare it for the body to absorb. When the NutriBullet is used to prepare extracted foods, the foods get consumed in the most absorptive state. This provides us all the nutrition without needing to rely on digestive enzymes, effective stomach acids and proper chewing to break the food down. It is done for us instead.

NutriBlasts are nutrient extracted, delicious beverages that the NutriBullet makes. Just add all your favorite vegetables, fruits and boosts (herbs, seeds, nuts) and some water into the NutriBullet. Extract all of the ingredients into a tasty and smooth drink. Best of all, preparing a NutriBlast only takes a few seconds. Clean up is also easy. You can drink your NutriBlast on the spot or take it to go.

NutriBullet’s Vitality SuperBoost formula is remarkable. It supercharges the NutriBlast and provides your body with the ability to:

* feel and look younger
* improve libido
* improve sleep
* improve stress
* increase energy

Some of the most all-natural and potent ingredients from around the world are contained in this breakthrough formula. These ingredients have been proven to address as well as reverse some of the more frequent issues associated with aging. Just add a small scoop of the Vitality Super Boost into your NutriBlast every day. You will experience amazing results, including improved sleep, reduction in stress and an increase in overall vitality and vigor.

What Comes With The NutriBullet?

The NutriBullet comes with a 600 watt motor and is a large vessel with 24-ounce capacity, compared with Magic Bullet which has a 250 watt motor and 18-ounce capacity. The new Extractor Blade emulsifies the toughest ingredients, including stems, nuts and seeds. The primary blade is the Extractor Blade. It breaks through tough skin and seeds as well as thick stems in order to access the nutrition that is hidden inside. There is also a Milling Blade that comes with the NutriBullet. It is perfect for chopping nuts, grinding fresh herbs and milling grains.

All of the lids and cups that come with the NutriBullet are dishwasher safe. The blades and motor base are the only parts of the NutriBullet that can’t go into the dishwasher.

The NutriBullet cups are all made from high-impact, non-toxic plastic. They don’t shatter and break when dropped the way glass ones do. The cups do not contain any Phthalates or BPA (Bisphenol A).


This is the NutrilBullet is the world’s first nutrition extractor

The NutriBullet is not a blender, it is not a juicer. It’s completely different from anything else out there.

The NutriBullet is designed to break down the cellular walls of your food, releasing and unleashing the nutrients inside transforming ordinary fresh foods into super foods.

Here is a little analogy, imagine a balloon, filled with water, it’s like the millions of living cells that are in whole fresh food.

Inside are the nutrients; that’s where the enzymes are, the minerals, the vitamins, the protein and the essential fatty acids. The balloon its self is like the cell wall. The NutriBullet is able break in and extract the nutrients inside or else they are going to pass right through us, literally right through us, and we won’t absorb it.

Because truthfully it comes down to one thing, Absorption. It’s not just what you eat; it’s what your body can actually absorb and that’s the key.

If we absorb the true nutrient power of food, we can live a longer healthy and more active life.


The extractor blade

The unique design of the NutriBullets all-new Extractor Blade, when combined with the Magic Bullet exclusive Cyclonic Action, generates the power to break through tough seeds, thick stems and tough skin to access the hidden nutrition inside. The Nutribullets blade is made of stainless steel and never needs sharpening.

millingBladeThe milling blade

The Flat Blade is ideal for milling grains, grinding fresh herbs and chopping nuts. The blade is made of stainless steel and never needs sharpening.

baseThe power base

The Power Base is the heart of the NUTRIBULLET. Simply plug in the NUTRIBULLET, place the Tall Cup onto the powerful 600 WATT, High-Torque Power Base and press. No buttons to press, no complicated manuals to read. It doesn’t get any easier!

tallCupThe tall cup

The extra large Tall Cup is the main cup used for emulsifying and creating the healthy and nutritious life boosting NUTRIBLASTS to add years to your life!

shortCup1 short cup and 1 handled comfort lip ring

This self-blending Short Cup is perfect for making single serving NUTRIBLASTS. Make and drink right in the same cup! It even comes with a handled Comfort Lip Ring to make drinks easier to hold.

shortCup21 handled short cup and 1 comfort lip ring

Just like the standard Short Cup, with this Handled Short Cup, you can make and enjoy healthy drinks right in the same cup! It comes with a Comfort Lip Ring to make drinks easier to enjoy.

lids2 Stay fresh resealable lids

No plastic wrap or storage containers are needed to keep your drinks fresh. Your NUTRIBULLET comes with two Stay-Fresh, Re-sealable Lids that fit right on to the Short and Tall Cups. Great for taking your NUTRIBLASTS on the go!

userGuide1 User guide and recipe book

The user guide and recipe book is full of delicious and nutritious life boosting recipes that will rejuvenate your body and make you feel better. Plus, it also includes the NUTRIBULLET 6-Week Transformation Plan that will have you feeling YEARS younger in just weeks.

nutritionist1 pocket nutritionist

The “magic” behind the NUTRIBULLET System starts with your handy in-store companion, the “Pocket Nutritionist” which teaches:

  • Which foods should be organic
  • How to choose a well rounded weekly menu
  • How to select the freshest produce
  • Exactly how much produce to buy
  • The health benefits associated with the foods you choose
  • And more!

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